Old, Comfy Shoes

Friday, April 30, 2004

The things I've learned at work:

1. Engineers are useless when it comes to catching mice.

2. Never go into a stairwell in a deserted part of a building with 3 engineers, you will end up locked in it.

3. Engineers, though never actually seen working, will ridicule business students for their alleged "lack of work."


Wow. Having a blog can be kind of intimidating. This blank window just screams "Go ahead and write something, you'll sound like a moron anyway."

Let me start off with a rather funny story about my mom and my brother. My mom had picked Nate up from work in her stylish mom-mobile-mini-van. When they pulled in the driveway my mom asked Nate to get the newspaper off the driveway. So he opens the door and leans out to get it.

My mom notices he just can't reach it and figures that he might be able to if he wasn't strapped in by his seat belt. So she, being the helpful mom that she is, unbuckles the belt.

No longer held in by a seat belt, Nate flies out of the van head first into the driveway.

My brother jumps up yelling about how the seat belt broke, to find my mom laughing hysterically. I dunno what kind of phsychological damage a kid recieves when their mom laughs at their falls, but my mom was still laughing 3 hrs later at dinner.

I'll have to write about more parents-laughing-at-us-kids stories later. There are quite a few... and we are still in therapy to deal with them....