Old, Comfy Shoes

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I can leave if you want....

This past week in Huntsville I talked to an interesting engineer from Booz Allen Hamilton. We were all standing around at some reception and were supposed to be networking. Not that I, or any engineer knows how to do that, but that was the point of the reception.

So, being true to my extroverted personality, I started talking to this guy standing by himself. It soon became apparent why he was standing by himself without a wedding ring. Talking to a girl made him extremely uncomfortable. The more I talked the more his hand shook and the more he tried to hide behind the table. He could carry a conversation just fine but his body language screamed "please leave me alone!" After a couple awkward minutes I took the hints and mercifully stopped talking to the guy.

Poor guy. Maybe someday he'll get the hang of it all and become less engineerish. We can only hope.

Disclaimer: As someone who was raised by engineers, is dating an engineer and works almost entirely with engineers, I feel that I can, with some degree of validity, poke fun at engineers. Feel free to let the business jokes fly....