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Monday, September 05, 2005

Cleaning the Barn

Yesterday my family, my aunt and uncle and my cousin and her family all met at my Mamaw's house to clean out her barn. I don't think this barn had been cleaned out in like 50 years. My Papaw worked in the heating and cooling industry and there were all kinds of parts and pieces of equipment in that barn. We threw away a lot of trash and set even more stuff out by the road with a sign marked "free" on it. I am amazed at the junk people will take. Like two pieces of twisted rebarb. What would you do with that? This is a picture of us moving the trash pile to the road for pick-up.

We decided to burn the scrap wood and old boxes we found. We couldn't open burn it so we used a barrel we found.

It was taking to long to burn everything so true to my family's style they figured out a way to make it burn faster. They stuck a metal tube in the vent hole in the bottom and then stuck the leaf blower in the end of the tube and turned it on. The result was red-neck-trash-burnin'-inferno.

My family is so much fun. We also played softball and my sister hit a line-drive to the pitcher and hit them square in the shoulder. Too bad that pitcher was me. I got a nice bruise from it.

It was a good day yesterday. We got to burn things, spend time with family and hit softballs at me. What more could you ask for?